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M2 Networks of Networks in the Brain

Networks of Networks in the Brain


This 4 hrs lesson belongs to a wider course on the study of natural neural networks. Its aim is to show how organizing neurons in networks can produce basic cognitive abilities, and how organizing neural networks in networks can produce more complex cognitive abilities. Because brain is a network of networks we hope to demonstrate how cognition may emerge from a biological device.



Introductory remarks
    - Why and how studying networks of neural networks ?
    - Constraints in studying neural networks

I - Networks in the hippocampus
    - Hypothetical functions of the hippocampus
    - Neural networks in the hippocampus
    - Functioning of Hebb-Marr networks
                       Practical work material :Train yourself
                       Hetero-associative matrices: Description
                       Hetero-associative matrices: Learning stage
                       Hetero-associative matrices: Recall stage
                       Resistance to lesions, incomplete code
                       Summary of the properties of the three networks
    - Empirical data

                       Predictions of the models
                       Confrontation to empirical data


II - Networks of networks
    - Networks of different networks

                       McNaughton, Leonard and Chen

    - Networks of identical networks

III - A new concept of brain functioning
    - The "Network Theory of Cognition"

                       The Network Theory of Cognition

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